A celebration of grandmothers

Becoming a grandmother is a celebration of new life and reaffirmation of the choices we made when we started a family.

When I held my first grandchild in my arms, she was only hours old.  I felt an incredible connection to her—very much like the connection I had with my own children—yet different.  I realized she had two very capable parents who would be on the front lines.  So what role was I going play?

Through the ages grandparents have played myriad roles in the lives of their grandchildren.  Some grandparents have taken on full-time responsibility for raising their grandchildren; others have been the gift bearing, smiling but remote figures.  And most are somewhere in the middle–not on the front lines of day-to-day care but involved.

This site and blog are about celebrating being a grandmother and exploring the meaning of being a grandmother in the 21st century.  Many of us are probably boomers, used to having the largest share of the pie. How are we going to share that pie with our children and grandchildren?  Let me know what you think.






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